About the travelling company

   Samcholli Travel Company is an international travel company which organizes tours of the revolutionary sites, battlefields and beauty spots in the region of Mt Paektu, one of the celebrated mountains in Korea. 

   A typical picturesque place in this region is Samjiyon County in Ryanggang Province. It is now being turned into an ideal mountainous town with many unique buildings distributed in perfect harmony with the primeval forests of Mt Paektu and the natural landscape of the region. 

   The Mubong International Tourism Special Zone in Mubong Workers’ District in this county is attracting the attention of investors for its great potentials.

   The travel company arranges cultural, business and other professional tours, as well as visits and sightseeing tours.

   Since Juche 105 (2016), it has arranged tours of the above special zone for the development of tourism in the region of Mt Paektu.  

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