Festivals & Events

April Spring Friendship Art Festival

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   It is a biennial event held on the occasion of the Day of the Sun.

   The first festival was held in April Juche 71(1982). Since then, attendances have increased to develop into a great international art festival.

   The performances are given at several theatres and cultural houses in Pyongyang.

   On the stage are colourful items including vocal and instrumental music, dances and circus shows.

   Commemorial medals are presented to the participants and prizes to the groups and individuals which show good performance.

Paektusan Prize International Figure Skating Festival

   It is held every year on the occasion of the Day of the Shining Star at the Ice Rink, in Pyongyang.

   Ice dancing, figure skating, individual and pair events, free competitions and demonstration are given.

   Attending in the festival are famous Korean players as well as foreign figure skaters who have got high scores at the World Figure Skating Championships and Grand Prize International Figure Skating Competition.

   Trophies, medals and certificates are awarded to excellent skaters.

Pyongyang International Trade Fair

   In every spring and autumn the fair is held in the Three-Revolution Exhibition House.

   The exhibitors are companies from the DPRK, China, Malaysia, Italy, Switzerland and many other countries around the world and their commodities such as hi-tech mechanical products, electronic goods, vehicles including cars and bicycles, household utensils, clothes, medicines, foodstuffs, agricultural products draw the attention of the visitors.

   The fair contributes to promoting international economic cooperation and exchange.

Korean Stamp Exhibition

   The exhibition is held in the Korea Stamp Museum in Pyongyang on major commemoration days.

   Displayed there are thousand kinds of stamps produced by the State Stamp Bureau of the DPRK and those contributed by philatelists.

Synchronized Swimming Demonstration

   The demonstration is held at Changgwang Health Complex on major commemoration days, drawing the attention of experts and amateurs.

Pyongyang International Film Festival

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   It has been held every two years since its first opening in September Juche 76 (1987).

   It is a large-scale festival where many countries over the world contribute their films.

   Festival films are shown at the cinemas in Pyongyang. Opening and closing ceremonies take place at the Pyongyang International Cinema House.

   The festival serves as an important occasion to promote international cooperation and exchange in the development of national film industry.

   In addition to Torchlight Prize as the highest prize there are Literary Award, Best Director Award, Shooting Award, Actor and Actress Award, Music Award, Art Award, Techniques Award and Special Prizes.