Folk holidays  ( Jongwoldaeborum )

   Jongwoldaeborum, the 15th of the first month by the lunar calendar, is a Korean folk festival.

   It is the first folk festival of the year after New Year’s Day and the last day of the January festival that begins on January 1.

   According to historical records, Koreans celebrated this day from the days of Three Kingdoms.

   The festival begins on the 14th, which is called the small full moon day, and the 15th is called the big full moon day.

   Cherishing sincere wish and expectation for happiness, rich harvest, and rich hauls of fish, they enjoy the day with traditional games and rituals-watching the full moon, playing folk games such as tug of war, kite-flying and pinwheel and eating traditional dishes such as ogokpap (boiled five cereals), yakpap (glutinous rice mixed with sugar, chestnuts, sesame oil, etc.) and a dish of nine dried herbs.

   The customs of eating longevity noodles and drinking ear-opening liquor are a must on this day.

   Memory of the delightful and interesting day remains a topic of people’s conversation for the whole year.

   Koreans still celebrate this festival every year.

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Traditional foods