Folk holidays  ( Chusok: Korean Folk Festival )

   Chusok, or the Harvest Moon Day, is a traditional folk festival in Korea. It is the 15th day of the eighth month by the lunar calendar.

   According to historical records Chusok was celebrated by the working masses from the days of the Three Kingdoms (early third century BC to mid-seventh century AD) to enjoy the day for bumper harvest.

   From olden times Korean people, out of their good manners and filial piety, prepare special dishes with new crops before visiting their ancestors’ tombs.

   The dishes include songphyon (stuffed rice cakes steamed on a layer of pine needles), chalttok (glutinous rice cake), nochi, pamdanja, chapssalchongju (glutinous rice wine) and thojangguk (bean paste soup).

   Among them songphyon is a must to be prepared.

   As Chusok is a festival in autumn, a fresh and abundant season, people play various kinds of folk games, making the day more conspicuous. 

   They are swinging by women and archery and ssirum by men.

   Tug-of-war, “ox” game, “turtle” game, Kanggang Suwollae (a Korean circle dance) and weaving game are played according to the regional characteristics, and at night people watch the full moon while playing games and dancing. Foreigners visiting the DPRK with beautiful mountains and clean waters will enjoy the folk festival watching the Korean people playing folk games, a reflection of their will to carry forward the unique traditions of their national culture.

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