Folk games  ( Tug of War )

   From olden times, the tug of war has been played in various regions of Korea.

   The folk game has been played between communities, villages and sub-counties with the athletes and cheerers numbering even several thousands.

   It is played usually in Jongwoldaeborum (the 15th day of the first month by the lunar calendar) and Chusok (15th day of the eighth month by the lunar calendar).

   It starts with children playing the game, ending with adults playing.

   The players gather strength and heart and demonstrate their unity.

   It is now played in several countries including China and Japan, and was an events from Second Olympic Games held in Paris 1900 to the Seventh Olympic Games.

   In Korea, many people including young people harden themselves physically and mentally and cultivate the spirit of collectivism, promoting amity and unity while playing the mass sports.

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