Folk games  ( Seesawing )

   Seesawing is a unique traditional game of the Korean nation in which two women, standing at opposite ends of a long board resting on a pivot in the middle, jump up and down alternately.

   There are two tales concerning the origin of the folk game: one is that women jumped up on the board beside the fences of their houses to get a glimpse of the outside world as they were confined to their houses by the feudal restraint; another is that they used seesaws to see their husbands in jail.

   Seesawing was played mainly on the 15th day of the first month by the lunar calendar and during folk festivals.

   The method of playing was different from region to region. Among the various methods are jumping vertically, jumping in turn and performing stunts.

   Jumping vertically is one in which a woman jumps up keeping body straight by using elasticity and spring power of the board.

   Jumping in turn is one in which a team of 4 women competes with the other team for jumping higher in a prescribed time in turn as many times as prescribed. 

   Performing stunts is one in which players compete each other to perform stunts more beautifully and more skilfully with or without hand props in a prescribed time.

   A principle in playing is to wear chima and jogori, fasten a cloth string neatly around the waist and put on white shoes.

   This folk game cultivates the legs’ strength for jumping up and the sense of balance in the air, so any women, young and old, enjoy playing it. 

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