Folk games  ( Ssirum: Korean Wrestling )

   Ssirum is a Korean folk game, in which two contestants compete to throw each other to the ground while holding on to a band bound round their opponent’s thigh or waist. 

   It was originated by Koreans in the course of their labour life and went through many changes and development in terms of content, form and method.

   According to the differences in customs and hobby of the people in different regions, it varies a little in its form, but it is usually classified into heavy-level, middle-level and children’s games as suited to age groups and the level of contestants.

   At a contest a bull was normally presented to the winner as a prize.

   The contest is divided into team event and comparative event.

   There are many playing techniques in this game such as homi (hoe) tripping, inside leg tripping, knee whack, tripping the opponent up, belly throw and body-twist throw.

   More and more techniques are now being studied and popularized, and victory goes to the contestants who apply techniques by taking advantage of their opponents’ weak points. 

    Ssirum that helps people acquire strength, patience, bravery, wisdom and fortitude is an interesting sport and can become mass-based as it is played regardless of condition, time, place and opponent. 

   At present, a ssirum contest is a major item in the list of national, provincial and regional games. In particular, the Grand Bull Prize National Ssirum Contest is held every year greeting Chusok (15th of the eighth month by the lunar calendar), drawing interest of ssirum enthusiasts.

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