Traditional foods  ( Korean Kimchi )

   In the days of the Koryo dynasty the Korean people had made kimchi with radish, but in the days of the feudal Joson dynasty they made it with a variety of vegetables.

   Kimchi, a must at every meal for Koreans, is considered a low-fat health food as it is rich in vitamin A and C, lactic bacterium, polysaccharide and lignin, and efficacious in restricting the growth of cancerous cells.

   At present, people make kimchi of peculiar kinds according to their living areas, seasons and family tastes.

   In order to further develop the traditional method of kimchi making, national culinary festivals are organized, and kimchi factories have been built in various parts of the country for the convenience of the people.

   With the worldwide interest in kimchi growing, the method of Korean kimchi making was registered on the list of world intangible cultural heritage of the UNESCO at the 10th meeting of the inter-governmental committee of the UNESCO for protecting intangible cultural heritage held in Namibia in 2015.

    Kimchi is now regarded as one of the five health foods in the world for its taste and medicinal value.

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Traditional foods



Traditional foods