Traditional foods  ( Pyongyang Cold Noodles )

   Pyongyang cold noodles, a traditional food popular among the Korean people, are known worldwide.

   According to “Tonguksesigi” (the book of Korean tradition and annual events) cold noodles were prepared with buckwheat noodles, pickled radish and bok choy, and pork, and those from the Kwanso area counted among the best.

   The secret of Pyongyang cold noodles is, first, their material, buckwheat, which is known as health food containing many nutritional properties.

   Its broth is the mixture of meat soup and the water of radish kimchi, so the broth tastes cool, sour and a little sweet.

   They look characteristic as they are served in brass bowl with unique garnish.

   As Koreans eat the Pyongyang cold noodles both in hot summer days and in cold winter days, they have become a food representative of Korean noodles and other traditional foods of the nation.

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