Traditional foods  ( Yakpap )

   Yakpap, one of the unique traditional dishes of the Korean nation, is glutinous rice mixed with honey. Yak means medicine in English, and pap boiled rice.

   People called the boiled rice mixed with honey yakpap as honey is good for human health.

   Glutinous rice steamed on rice-cake steamer is first mixed with sesame oil, honey and sugar to ensure that the grains of rice do not stick to one another, and steamed again after being mixed with jujube, chestnut and soy sauce.

   According to historical records, Koreans ate yakpap from the days of Three Kingdoms.

   The juice of jujube and long time of heating sugar turn it deep brown and shiny.

   The ingredients make it tasty and highly nutritious. It is served usually on holidays and wedding ceremonies. 

   Good for restoring energy, it lowers high blood pressure, prevents arteriosclerosis, and is efficacious for treating such diseases as scurvy, purpura and chronic gastritis. It purifies the blood and improves resistance to diseases. The protein, vitamins and minerals contained in it fortify nutrition.

   The world people express their admiration for this food for its high-quality ingredients, peculiar method of preparation, high nutritional value and pharmacological action.

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Traditional foods



Traditional foods