Traditional foods  ( Sinsollo )

   Sinsollo is prepared by using rare materials, and its processing method is unique. 

   It is also called Yolgujathang because it is quite nutritious and tasty.

   The word sinsollo means a cooking stove used by old men of legend as well as the food in the stove. 

   According to historical record of Korea, in the late 15th century or early 16th century a man named Jong Hui Ryang, turning his back on the unjust world, lived on a remote mountain. He boiled food in a special stove of his own making.

   Because he looked like an old man of legend, the stove looked mysterious and the food had a special taste, the dish was named sinsollo

   Beef, pheasant, trepang, abalone, shrimps, the stomach and liver of cow, pork, eggs and mushroom are processed separately before being boiled together on a stove.

   According to region, the ingredients may be different, but trepang and shrimp are indispensable for the unique taste of the dish.

   For the high quality of ingredients, good smell and extraordinary and colourful looks, the dish can be called a culinary triumph of the Korean nation.

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Traditional foods



Traditional foods