Traditional foods  ( Makkolli: Traditional Drink of Korea )

   Makkolli is a drink made by mixing rice or wheat starch with malt and fermenting it before being filtered. It is also called thakju or thakpaegi.

   Makkolli literally means a coarsely-brewed or cloudy liquor and is a traditional drink with a long history. Koreans enjoyed drinking it on folk holidays, during a break of farm work and at lunch time.

   As starch is filtered before being fermented, its alcoholic content is comparatively low. But, it is rich in soluble nutritive substances such as decomposed starch, minerals and organic acids, and in sugar, so it has sour taste and unique flavor, and it is highly nutritious.

   And as it contains large amounts of useful substances in grains and physical active materials formed during fermentation, it is efficacious in preventing diseases such as cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, hypertension and colitis, and makes the skin soft and white.

   Come to Korea, and you can have a taste of it everywhere.

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