etc  ( Koryo Fumigation Therapy )

   Koryo fumigation therapy, a traditional therapy of Korean nation, has been used for health promotion and disease treatment.

   The types of therapy are mentioned in some old records like Tonguibogam, Uibangryuchi and Hyangyakjipsongbang.

   The therapy is thought to be originated from sauna. It is divided into yolgicun, yonhun and hunse according to method and whole, partial, and local according to part.

   Yolgihun is the method of putting the preparation of Koryo medicine in a metal pot with narrow mouth or a clay pot and exposing the lesion to steam while boiling them.

   Yonhun is the method of exposing the lesion to smoke while burning the preparation in a certain vessel or in a brazier, or eating the burned preparation.

   Hunse, you first expose the lesion to the steam from boiling preparation, then wash the lesion with the decoction or dip it in the decoction, and then wet a piece of cloth with the decoction until it is warm enough and apply it to the legion.

   The fumigation therapy is superior in that it causes neither harmful side effects nor pain, and organically combines the thermal stimulus effect, hydrosudotherapy and pharmacological effect of medicinal smoke. 

   Today as it is put on a scientific basis, the therapy is demonstrating miraculous efficacy in promoting people’s health.

   The therapy was inscribed on the list of intangible national cultural heritage in October Juche 106 (2017).

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