Traditional foods  ( Kkaktugi )

   The Korean people processed vegetables including radish by different methods.

   Kkaktugi is a kind of kimchi, made with radish or cucumber.

   The name, kkaktugi, is known to be originated from the sound heard when radish is chopped.

   It was widely spread in the period of the feudal Joson dynasty. 

   As chilli powder is used in a greater amount in making it than in making other kinds of kimchi, its red colour excites the appetite and it tastes good.

   Its ingredients are radish, garlic, pear, ginger, chilli powder, salt, shredded red pepper, spring onion and pickled shellfish or pickled shrimps.

   To make kkaktugi, first, chop radish squarely to be about 1.5-2cm on each side; then chop the white part of green onion, peel the pear and chop it squarely, and put them in salt water; mix the squared radish with chilli powder, making the radish chops red, mix them with chopped green onion, crushed garlic and ginger, pickled shrimps or shellfish, chopped pear and other ingredients, and add salt before putting them all in a pot. After about eight hours, water comes out of the materials to cover the upper part of the food. Then put outer leaves of a cabbage and a stone to press them and seal the pot to ferment the food. It takes three to four days in 10-15℃ for kkaktugi to get fermented. 

   Cucumber kkaktugi is mainly cooked in summer, and sometimes in winter. 

   Foreigners can have a taste of this food in hotels or restaurants in cities and can see making it in cooking competitions including kimchi competition.

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Traditional foods



Traditional foods