etc  ( Kosong Bamboo )

   Kosong bamboo occurs at the foot of the mountain at the back of Samilpho-ri, and on the top of Chilsong Pass in Sunhak-ri, Kosong County, Kangwon Province of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

   Kosong, an area with mildest weather and much rain in the country, has favourable climatic conditions for bamboo cultivation.

   The average annual temperature is 11ºC (2.1 ºC in January and 23.6 ºC in August), and average annual precipitation is 1 580 millimetres.

   Bamboo is cultivated in nearly 300 hectares in the county. Such products as armchair, basket, box, fan and fishing-rod are made of the bamboo.

   The bamboo thickets in the county are designated as natural living monument No. 415.

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