etc  ( Hoeryong White Apricot )

   White apricot, which is highly resistant to cold and is of high quality, is cultivated in the northern region, like Hoeryong, and central region of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

   The plant grows well everywhere including on the mountain, by the road and in the garden. Its trunk is dark greyish red brown, and its old branch is deep reddish brown and contains yellow spots and is shiny.

   The white flowers bloom towards the end of April before the leaves are out, adding brightness and beauty to the surrounding scenery.

   The round fruits ripen in the first half of July. Their colour is white yellow, and the sunlit side is light red. Each fruit weighs about 60g. The watery fruit tastes sweet and less sour.

   The round seed, bigger than the seeds of other species of apricot of slightly bitterish taste, tastes savory, so it is eaten as it is. The seed is used as a medicine. 

   The fruit contains 7.92~8.18% of sugar, 1.04~1.83% of organic acids, 1.88~7.7% of vitamin C and 0.71% of pectin.

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