etc  ( Diamond Wedding Custom of the Korean Nation )

   Diamond wedding, or the 60th anniversary of marriage, is celebrated by old happy couples around the world.
   According to a historical record, Korean ancestors marked their diamond wedding as the most significant of their family ceremonies such as those for birth, marriage and funeral.
   The hosts usually guided their guests to a room, where they made signatures in the margins of a twelve-panelled folding screen, as a token of their wish for the longevity of the old couple. Among the guests were those who came a long way to congratulate the hosts.
   On their wedding day the bride and the bridegroom used to drink wine with a small bottle gourd, which they hanged in the ceiling of the nuptial room, as a memento for their promise of a long, happy life. When celebrating their diamond wedding, they used this gourd again to drink a toast. This beautiful custom is peculiar to the Korean nation. Guests warmly congratulated the old couple who shared weal and woe with each other for a long time. In particular, newlyweds in the village paid a call on the old couple and made a deep bow to them.
   For its profound meaning this unique custom arouses great interest among foreign tourists.

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