Traditional foods  ( Traditional Drink of Korea–Paekhwa Liquor )

   The know-how of brewing Paekhwa Liquor belongs to the cultural heritage created by Korean ancestors.
   The name Paekhwa refers to 100 species of flowers. The liquor is a longstanding remedy for medical treatment and prevention. 
   The brewing method consists in extracting edible ethyl alcohol from the flowers of medicinal plants and fermenting it for two to four years.
   For the colour, fragrance and taste of the flowers, the liquor shows a grenadine red tint, gives forth fine scent and is slightly sweet. A somewhat bitterish taste you will feel after a sip is unique. Tonguibogam, a classical book on Korea’s traditional medicine by Ho Jun, defines the liquor as a tonic for long life and good health.
   The know-how lies in the selection of medicinal plants to be used as the main ingredients and their ratio that will lead to changes in the liquor’s colour, fragrance, taste and medical efficaciousness. 
   In the present era when science and technology is developing rapidly, the traditional drink helps towards promoting the people’s health. For its medicinal value it is popular among an increasing number of visitors from other countries.

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Traditional foods