Traditional foods  ( Kamhongno )

   Kamhongno is a liquor, which in the days of the Koryo dynasty gained popularity even in neighbouring countries as a specialty of Pyongyang.

   Kamhongno means sweet, red and crystal-clear in Korean.

   From ancient times the Korean people distilled the liquor by adding medicinal properties that neutralize the negative effects of alcohol on human body and help longevity, and choosing unique taste and aroma and beautiful colour.

   Pyongyangites drank the liquor in spring and on holidays. 

   The Korean people liked drinking a cup of liquor before eating noodles, and Pyongyangite used to drink Kamhongno before eating cold noodles.

   According to old books including Tongguksesigi and Ryolyangsesigi, Kamhongno was counted best in the period of Koryo.

   An old poem described it as a mysterious liquor, matching it with gems or fairies’ dew. Its main ingredients are precious Koryo medicines which have strong anti-cancer, anti-aging effects, improve the functions of the heart, liver and the spleen, reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, and have good effects on purifying blood, neutralizing poison and killing pain.

   It was registered on the list of national intangible cultural heritage and can be purchased at the Kwangbok Area Supermarket, Pyongyang Department Store No. 1, Pothonggang Department Store and several other shops.

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Traditional foods



Traditional foods