Traditional foods  ( Jongol )

   Jongol means boiling bone; it is well known to the people as a dish boiled again.

   It is originated from the old story that the soldiers who were fighting the foreign aggressors did not have proper kitchen utensils, so they boiled meat, fish and vegetables together in their hats.

   The recipe was recorded in detail in Siuibang, a book from the feudal Joson dynasty.

   First you rinse the thinly-cut meat, season it with various condiments, spread powdered pine nut on it, put it in a cauldron, and add turnip, soy bean sprouts, mung bean sprouts, parsley, onion, royal fern, oak mushroom, agaric, boletus, broad bell flower roots and fried egg.

   It can be cooked in various ways with different ingredients.

   It is a traditional Korean food which is hygienically clean as it is cooked by the eater and easily digested. 

   Tourists who come to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea can taste the dish in almost all the restaurants including Chongnyu Tourist Souvenir Exhibition House.

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Traditional foods



Traditional foods