World Day of Forest and Tree-planting Day in Korea

   March 21, 2020 is the world day of forest.

   UN has appealed to all the countries and nations to create and protect the forest greeting this day every year.

   Across the world forests are decreasing by excessive tree felling, forest fires and pests, and the serious climate change is endangering the existence of humankind.

   The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea set March 2 as tree-planting day; tree-planting is being undertaken as an all-people drive and tree nurseries are producing good species of tree saplings in an industrial way. While planting trees and protecting them, the country prevents forest fires through nationwide forest fire monitoring information service system.

   On meaningful days like national holidays and wedding days, the Korean people plant trees, and this simple yet meaningful deeds give a glimpse of how the Korean people protect environment.

Meaningful Celebration of the 110th Anniversary of March 8 International Women's Day

   The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea celebrated the 110th anniversary of the International Women's Day on March 8.

   It was a warm day with air of spring everywhere.

   From the eve of the holiday gift shops and flower shops were full of men delightedly selecting congratulatory cards and flowers and women with happy smiles.   

   The congratulatory cards, in which the paintings of flowers and letters including “March 8 Int'l Women's Day” and “Congratulations” written in different calligraphic styles reflected the warm feelings towards women who devote their all to children with love and affection, attracted the attention of the people as they portrayed with high artistic value the love and respect for the Korean women who are enriching beauty and fragrance of the country. 

   In particular, Ryonghung Flower Shop in Ryomyong Street was full of happy smiles together with greetings of love and respect such as Happy women’s day and I hope you become more beautiful.

   Okryu, Chongnyu and other restaurants served various delicious traditional foods to make the diners feel more satisfied.   

Don’t Hesitate to Come Here

   New Year celebration tour is a special and meaningful occasion for experiencing and enjoying the human sense of morality and happiness of sharing joy and blessing the future.

   Many foreign tourists greeting the New Year with Korean people expressed their wonderful impressions and satisfactions. 

   French tourist Geffroy Thibault Yves Marie, 29-year-old, said: “I saw uncountable amazing changes in Korea. Everything going on in this country is really fascinating. I earnestly suggest to you: Come to Korea; it’s a really wonderful country; I have spent enjoyable days; don’t hesitate to come here; it’s really wonderful. 

   Drinking a toast, he sent New Year greetings to the Korean people.

Most Pleasant Day in My Life

   Court Christian Loyd, a British tourist aged 55, after seeing the New Year performance and fireworks display reflecting the emotions of the Korean people who greeted the new year 2020 with fresh hopes and ambitions, expressed his excited feelings: I visit the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea for the first time; New Year’s Eve was very pleasant; I am very happy that I had a good time with your people on the square; I was fascinated to see thousands of young people greeting the new year in a festive mood and fireworks set off with the first sound of the bell in the new year; I think last night was the most pleasant one in my life and I am very happy to have a fascinating start of my tour of Korea.

   Geffroy Thibault Yves Marie, a French tourist aged 29, expressing his feelings of the unforgettable moment when greeted the new year on    Kim Il Sung Square, said: My best wishes to the Korean people greeting the new year; thank you for warmly welcoming us; see you again. 

   Alsayed Sultan Hassan H, a Saudi Arabian tourist aged 23, said he would not forget the Ice Sculpture Festival and new year performance which took place in the atmosphere of celebration and continued: “Hi, My name is Alsayed Sultan Hassan H. I am now in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. I enjoyed fireworks display on Kim Il Sung Square. A happy new year.”

   The New Year Performance for 2020 and Pyongyang Ice Sculpture Festival 2020 gave indelible impression and good memory to the tourists, enabling to make a fascinating start of their tour.