The Land of the People

Autumn Amateur Marathon 2019 to Be Held Soon

   On September 29, Autumn Amateur Marathon 2019 will be held in Pyongyang, capital city of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. 
   Marathon amateurs from many countries and regions throughout the world would compete in marathon, half marathon, 10km and 5km races. 
   The runners will start in front of the Mangyongdae Schoolchildren’s Palace and run along the course of the Chongchun Restaurant, Pyongyang Acrobatic Theatre, Kwangbok Area Supermarket, Hyangmanru Restaurant, April 15 Children’s Botanical Garden, Kallimgil Bridge, Monument at the Fork to Mangyongdae set up to hand down revolutionary exploits and back to the Mangyongdae Schoolchildren’s Palace for four times. 
   Runners of half marathon, 10km and 5km races also start at the same place and run along the same course until they reach the turns set up for each event. 
   These marathon amateurs and other foreign tourists can see the grand gymnastics and artistic performance "The Land of the People" which is being held in May Day Stadium on Rungna Island and have a pleasant time in the famous tourist attractions. 

Momentous Memory of the Days in Songdowon International Children’s Camp

   Generally, happy days in childhood is remembered as momentous memory in the distant future.

   Then what kind of memory would the children cherish after spending their days at the Songdowon International Children’s Camp, a palace of happiness for children and a cradle of affection, in Songdowon, a scenic spot on the east coast of the DPRK?

   Students and children from many countries of the world spent pleasant and happy days at this camp from July 31 to August 7, Juche 108 (2019). 

   During the 34th term laughter and optimism of the children overflowed at the coast, indoor wading pools and outdoor playgrounds.

   The children also enjoyed themselves in the video games rooms, 4-D simulation cinema, aquarium, aviary and mirror cage.

   Although they differed one another in terms of language, nationality and living customs, they sang songs and consolidated ties of friendship like family members, like siblings.

   The camping life did not last long, but they cherished beautiful dreams and momentous memory, recording the pleasant moments in their cameras and diaries.

The National Sculpture and Handicraft Festival To Be Held

   The National Sculpture and Handicraft Festival is expected to take place at the Pyongyang International House of Culture from November 7 to 21, Juche 108 (2019).

   Art works depicting the national symbols like dog, bird, tree and flower and the life of the people of the DPRK will be displayed in the festival, the first of its kind in the country.

   The venue will be beautifully decorated with stone, wood, metal and plastic sculptures and various kinds of handicraft works of ceramics, horn, glass, lacquer, mother-of-pearl and embroidery, made with unique techniques and in different forms by sculptors, handicraftsmen and art fans.

   One month before the national festival, provincial and county festivals will be held, and works that are highly estimated will be displayed in the national festival. 

   Tourists visiting the DPRK in this period can visit the festival.

Attractive Tram Riding Tour Held

   On August 14, Juche 108 (2019), tram riding tour was held in Pyongyang under the auspices of the Korea International Travel Company.

   The tour attracted interest of its participants as they rode a new type of tramcar built by the Korean people.

   Stephens Zoe Rebecca, a 26-year-old UK tourist, said:

   “Riding on and having a frank view at trams in Pyongyang, it’s very special experience. I have to say that the new design is very modern and it is very smooth ride in it. We get to see Pyongyang city in a very nice way. So we are pleased to go to the streets of Pyongyang riding through Kwangbok Street and see all of the beautiful and scenic buildings. The design is soft in the tram. I think it’s very good and lots of rooms for many people and many commuters to standard and also the windows are made to be very convenient to look for getting some wind in for the riders, also providing really nice view of whole of the Pyongyang city as you go across. Of course, we can see many of beautiful sites all over Pyongyang city as well. We can get to see circus when we pass through many of the buildings as well. It’s a very, very happy experience in Pyongyang.”

   Yang Fel Yang (age: 19), a Canadian, said: 

   “It is a very unique chance for rest of us to take a tramcar from Mangyongdae to Pyongyang Railway Station. Along the way we can see many buildings in the city centre of Pyongyang, Ryugyong Hotel for example, and many others.”

   During their stay they visited many places in Pyongyang, Nampho, Kaesong and others.

A Very Impressive Performance

   On August 13, Juche 108 (2019), Norimatsu Satoko, a 54-year-old Japanese tourist, expressed her impressions of the grand mass gymnastics and artistic performance The Land of the People:

   “I think the most impressive part of this performance was the act, titled, Reunification–By Our Nation Itself, in which the September Pyongyang Joint Declaration and the burning desire of the Korean people for country’s reunification were portrayed in an artistic way. In particular, the scene in which two women from the north and the south hug each other was the most meaningful part. Also impressive was the scene depicting the Korean war. I had already been deeply moved at the Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum.”

   Another 34-year-old Japanese tourist, Ozawa Yui, said:

   “My impression was that the ability of the Korean people is great indeed. The performers seemed to be trained intensely. Most impressive was the act of Friendship, in which the performers, dressed in national costumes of the various countries of the world, gave satisfaction to the foreign tourists with world-famous music and dance. The performers and audience became one in their feeling.”

An Absolutely Incredible Performance

   On August 14, Juche 108 (2019), Nicolas Aaron Ehinger Platt, a 21-year-old Canadian tourist, expressed his impressions of the grand mass gymnastics and artistic performance The Land of the People:

   “It is an absolutely incredible performance. So many people getting back together to perform such amazing feats of athletics, mass gymnastics and music, altogether as one, is absolutely incredible. It is probably the most amazing performance I have ever seen. It is very hard to put the impressions of this performance of the world, almost impossible, actually. I think the most meaningful part of this performance is the story about the DPRK since it was founded by President Kim Il Sung, from old days to modern days, which is described in an artistic way so that the people who do not speak Korean language can understand the story and history of the DPRK.”

Dazzling Performance

   After seeing the grand mass gymnastics and artistic performance The Land of the People on August 13, Juche 108 (2019), Ivan Dmitriev, a 44-year-old Russian tourist, said;

   “The performance was really characteristic and touched my heart. It was so dazzling that I enjoyed it with bated breath. Every scene was flawless, and it was wonderful as a whole. So, it is hard for me to say which was more wonderful. If I have to say, the magic dance performed by girls was very impressive. They changed their gloves so swiftly that I was surprised. ”

Performance You Must not Miss

   The grand mass gymnastics and artistic performance The Land of the People is continuing with splendor. 

   Tourists who saw the performance do not hide their excitement.

   Per Castellanos Ekerhovd, a Norwegian tourist, said, “ It was an excellent artistic performance. All the performers, even the kindergarten kids, demonstrated their wonderful and expert skills. The girls jumping from 30 m-height were cool. I really enjoyed the performance from the first scene of mountains to the scenes showing happy life of the Korean people, difficult days, bumper harvest, etc. And all other scenes including fireworks display were good. While I was expecting what other new things would be shown, the performance was over. I really would like to see again such a good performance.” 

   The extravaganza continues. 

I Was Greatly Impressed

   Kirill Kryzhanovskii, a 28-year-old Russian tourist, said after enjoying the grand mass gymnastics and artistic performance on August 6, Juche 108 (2019):

   “During my stay in Korea I saw the grand mass gymnastics and artistic performance The Land of the People. I was greatly impressed. The impression is so great that I don’t know what to say first.

   “The opportunity to see such a wonderful performance is not easily available for every one. It is an honour that I’ve seen it.

   “First I would like to extend thanks to all its performers and creative workers.

   “Every item of the performance was impressive, but more impressive was the scene of the girls singing while playing the kayagum, a traditional instrument of Korea, the finale and the scene of acrobats performing stunts while flying like a rocket in the air.

   “Last I once again express my thanks to all the performers and creative workers.”

The 10th Pyongyang Exhibition of Musical Instruments To Be Held

   The 10th Pyongyang Exhibition of Musical Instruments is to be held at the Pyongyang International House of Culture from September 26 to 30, under the auspices of the Korea Musical Instruments Corporation, drawing great expectations and interest of instrument makers and professional and amateur instrumentalists. 

   Over 40 units specializing in making and repairing musical instruments and producing their parts and supplies, as well as individual instrument makers, overseas Koreans and foreign hopefuls, will take part in the exhibition.

   To be displayed are traditional and Western instruments, supplies, parts, facilities, apparatuses and tools for making instruments and technical data related with making them. 

   The participants will tour Pyongyang and other major scenic spots during the exhibition period. 

   The exhibition takes place every two years. 

Tour by Train to Be Held

   The Korea International Travel Company plans to arrange a tour by train between October 27 and November 6, Juche 108 (2019).

   Travelling along the railways connecting major cities of the country and scenic attractions including Mt Myohyang, tourists enjoy the views of mountains, fields, cities and towns of the country.

   Along the Pyongyang-Hyangsan-Wonsan course, picturesque natural scenes of inland Korea come in sight, and along the Wonsan-Hamhung-Chongjin course, the seascape of crystal-clear water of the East Sea of Korea is really wonderful and sunrise on the horizon is magnificent. In particular, steam locomotives run between Kujang and Hyangsan and between Chongjin and Ranam, bringing greater pleasure to the tourists. 

   Sometimes the tourists will have to spend a night in the train to go to their destinations, and this will also prove a wonderful experience thanks to the sincere services provided in the train. 

   For detailed information, please contact the Juche Travel Services of the UK.

   Add: Surrey, East Molesey

   Tel: +44 7754 670186


Tour of Mt Paektu-Mt Chilbo Areas Is to Be Held

   While the tours of various themes are on a high tide in the DPRK, the Korea International Travel Company is going to organize a charter flight tour of Mt Paektu-Mt Chilbo areas in collaboration with some foreign counterparts.

   The tourist attractions are the most of all famous ones that everyone wants to visit: Mt Paektu, the sacred mountain of the Korean nation, attracts the admiration of all the locals for its magnificence and sublimeness and ever-changing climate and Mt Chilbo, which has been called “Hambuk Kumgang” from olden times, is also famous for its super mountain- and sea-scapes.

   As the Korean saying goes that seeing is believing, this tour will be a rare opportunity for tourists to experience climbing up celebrated mountains of the DPRK.

   Before or after the charter flight tour, tourists can visit other famous sites in Pyongyang and local areas.

   In particular, the grand mass gymnastics and artistic performance “The Land of the People,” which is now being held in the May Day Stadium on Rungna Island, will leave deep impression on them, and the hospitality and kind service offered during the tourism will give them great comfort.

   Following are the contact address and tourist period:

   - Contact: Koryotours, the UK

     Address: 27 BeiSanlitun Nan, Chaoyang District, 100027, Beijing, China

     Tel: +861064167544


     Period: September the 16th-21st, Juche 108 (2019)

   - Contact: Koningaap, the Netherlands

     Address: Entrada 223, 1114 AA Amsterdam-Duivendrecht, the Netherlands

     Tel: +861064167544


     Period: September the 10th-14th, Juche 108 (2019)

   - Contact: Korea Consult, Sweden

     Address: Roedkloevervaegen 79, 165 73 Haesselby, Sweden 

     Tel: +46739810372 

     Period: September the 10th-12nd, Juche 108 (2019)

   - Contact: Regent, the UK

     Address: Colston Tower, Colston Street, Bristol, Avon, England.BS14xe

     Tel: +44(0)2076661258 

     Period: September the 10th-17th, Juche 108 (2019)

   - Contact: China Tours, Czech

     Address: Vitezne Namesti 2, Praha 160 00 Czech Republic

     Tel: +420 222 958 203-4, +420 271 741 364(fax)


     Tour period: September the 23rd -26th, Juche 108 (2019)

Tour for Cultural Exchanges

    Between October 23 and 25, Juche 108 (2019) Pyongyang will host a tour for cultural exchanges between the elderly from the DPRK and China.

   Such tours were held in March and May. This tour, the third of its kind this year, has greater significance as it is to be held to mark the 69th anniversary of the participation of the Chinese People’s Volunteers in the Korean war.

   During the previous tours, the elderly from the two countries held artistic performances prepared by themselves, developing friendship with each other.

   During the tour the elderly are scheduled to enjoy a view of the banks of the picturesque Taedong in Pyongyang on a floating restaurant Taedonggang. They can also go to the country’s famous tourist attractions in Pyongyang, Kaesong and Hyangsan. 

   This type of tour will be organized in the future, too.

The 2nd Pyongyang International Green Building Materials and Furniture Exhibition to Be Held

   The 2nd Pyongyang International Green Building Materials and Furniture Exhibition is to be held at the Three-Revolution Exhibition House between October 28 and 31, Juche 108 (2019).

   Having made its debut last year, this specialist exhibition of the construction sector brings together the experts and fans from home and abroad, who produce, use or sell the furniture and household utensils. It contributes to satisfying the demand of the people for better green buildings and furniture.

   The participants will have a pleasant time during their visit to such famous tourist attractions as Pyongyang, Kaesong and Hyangsan.

International Trade Fair to Be Held in Pyongyang

    On September 23, Juche 108 (2019), the 15th Pyongyang Autumn International Trade Fair will be opened at the Three-Revolution Exhibition House. 

   Scheduled to be held until September 27, the trade fair with various goods, which introduced cutting edge science and technology and enjoy international competitive edge, will render a great contribution to strengthening friendship and economic cooperation among countries. 

   Pyongyang hosted several other trade fairs previously, including the 22nd Pyongyang Spring International Trade Fair held between May 20 and 24 this year; participating in those fairs were many trading companies from various countries and regions including China and Iran, as well as the host country.

   During the fair periods, briefings on investment, meetings and promotion of products were conducted between companies and businesses for economic and technical exchanges for trade. 

   The period of the upcoming fair coincides with that for the grand mass gymnastics and artistic performance "The Land of the People" which is being held at the May Day Stadium on Rungna Island, so the fair participants can see the performance. 

   They can also enjoy themselves, visiting famous scenic spots and seeing historical relics.