DPRK-China Health Care and Sports Sci-Tech Achievement Exhibition Held

   From October 28 to November 1, the DPRK-China Health Care and Sports Sci-Tech Achievement Exhibition was held at the Sci-Tech Complex.

   Over 70 organizations presented their products including health products, gauges, sports goods and equipment and software products.

   The exhibition, which was held amid the worldwide trend of developing a new field of promoting public health on the basis of modern science and technology and accelerating the development of sports, focused the attention of presenters and visitors as the exhibits were conducive to health promotion and sports development.

   It rendered a good occasion for exchanging the information on the health care and sports sci-tech achievements made by the two countries and developing the exchange and cooperation among those research units.

2nd Pyongyang International Green Building Materials and Furniture Exhibition Held

   From October 28 to 31, the 2nd Pyongyang International Green Building Materials and Furniture Exhibition was held at Central Youth Hall.

   With its theme titled, “Let us lead a civilized life and develop in a clean and safe environment!” the exhibition displayed the green building-materials, sci-tech information and a variety of furniture for multiple use to which the latest achievements of science and technology were introduced. They were presented by 50-odd participating companies from such countries as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and China.

   It attracted interest of visitors as the products would contribute to satisfying the increasing demands for modern and green architectural structures and furnishings.

   The exhibition served as a good opportunity to promote friendship and cooperation, economic and trade relations and encourage scientific and technological exchanges between the countries in the field of green building-material and furniture industry.

   The participants also enjoyed themselves in Pyongyang, Kaesong and other tourist destinations.

Mirim Riding Club: An Equestrian Service Facility for the People

   The Mirim Riding Club, situated in a suburb of Pyongyang, is a equestrian service facility covering an area of 644 600. It has all the conditions and environment necessary for equestrian sports and education, including riding tracks, indoor training grounds, a riding knowledge learning area, relaxation house and veterinary hospital.

   The moment you arrive at the club through the gatepost portraying a horse running with four goofs and a rider, you will feel as if you are inside the mother nature with a dramatic harmony of natural and modern beauty.

   The riding tracks of the oval form with 1 750-metre earth-sand track and 1 850-metre lawn track spread along the uniquely styled buildings, and the earth-sand track is covered with sand mixed with salt so that the rider would not get hurt after falling from the horse back.

   The club looks like a garden or forest and all the buildings are decorated with the logs to match the natural scene. The area around man-made falls and lakes resembles a scenic spot, and arouses pastoral sentiment with a large tent for relaxation in the area. 

   Tourists can see various kinds of horses like Orlov, Sarabred, Hanover, Holsteiner and Trakmer and even ride them.

   They can see amateurs enthusiastically learning horse riding, starting from holding on the reins, and practising equestrian skills with the kind help of the attendants at the indoor training grounds, and the riders spurring the horses at the outdoor training grounds. 

   They can also have a good time in the riding knowledge learning area and relaxation house equipped with sports facilities and massage machines. 

   And any of them can join the Equestrian Association of the DPRK and visit the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea at a convenient time to show their equestrian skills. 

   Every year in spring and autumn equestrian games for amateurs hosted by the association take place at the club amid great expectations and interest of riding fans. 

   Tourists can enjoy themselves riding horses well-known throughout the world, learning how to ride, practising equestrian skills and playing games, and feel the attraction of the tour of Korea through the unique experiences at the club.

Amateurs’ Riding Competition, Popular in the DPRK

   The Equestrian Association of the DPRK organizes amateurs’ riding competition every year in spring (April) and autumn (October).

   In the previous competitions, divided into hurdles, racing and show, were participated by members of the association, working people, youth and students, youngsters (from the age of seven to ten) who wanted to participate in the game.

   At every competition, the players and amateurs wearing neat riding hats and breeches performed bold and skilful movements, jumping over the hurdles, and the spectators gave them big cheers. And also kindergarteners who participated with their parents in demonstration and show on ponies boasted their skills racing along narrow tracks and clearing the hurdles. This added to the pleasant atmosphere. 

   Meanwhile, during the whole period of the competitions, members of the association kindly explained riding knowledge to the spectators and this served as a good opportunity to acquire riding knowledge.

   In this way, the competition fully displayed the Korean people’s optimism and enthusiasm and gave the spectators a deep impression. 

Event to Mark the World Migratory Bird Day Held

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, as it attaches importance to protecting migrant birds as part of its efforts for environmental protection, designated the different wetlands as migratory bird reserves.

As a wetland in the coastal area, the Mundok Migratory Bird Reserve was designated as a sanctuary for migrant birds in Juche 84 (1995). It is located in the lower reaches of the Chongchon and Taeryong that flow into the West Sea of Korea and covers an area of 3 700 hectares. It preserves ecological environment that is good for inhabitation of migratory birds and is regarded as a region that is of international significance in protecting migratory birds as it is located on the East Asian-Oceania flyway, the one of the world’s eight flyways.

On October 13, 2019, an event to mark the World Migratory Bird Day was held in the Mundok Migratory Bird Reserve.

The event was attended by relevant Korean officials, Douglas Watkins, executive director of East Asian-Oceania flyway cooperative organization, representatives of diplomatic missions and international organizations in the DPRK and other foreign experts of migratory birds.

Douglas Watkins said: Today, I feel very pleased to mark the World Migratory Bird Day at Mundok. As for the birds in particular, several thousands of swan geese fly from Mongolia and Russia to Mundok in Korea to stay here for a while and go to Yangshi in China via the southern part of the Korean peninsula. They winter there and come here again in March and April next year. And they fly toward the Amnok or north of Mongolia to breed, and this breeding cycle is repetitive. In this way, they fly to the south from the north to winter there and come back again to the north every year.”

Felix Glenk, a German tourist said, “I am very pleased that in 2018 many problems were discussed on the protection of migratory birds worldwide, and on this basis, an event was held here to mark the World Migratory Bird Day. A number of foreign ambassadors resident in the DPRK and prominent figures have attended this event. Mundok is a very fascinating place as well as a beautiful one that offers favourable conditions for conducting research into the ecological system of birds in Korea.”

The event included explanation on the Day of World Migratory Birds and introduction of the Mundok Migratory Bird Reserve.

The attendants went over photographs of migrant birds and wetlands in the reserve, watched a documentary Wetlands in Korea, a Treasurehouse of Nature, and observed swan geese, a major breed of migratory birds, and other kinds of birds.

New Mountaineering Route in Mt Myohyang

   Mt Myohyang has been called from olden times one of the six noted mountains and one of the eight scenic spots of Korea for its mysterious layout and picturesque scenery.

   Another mountaineering route has newly been set up here, attracting the attention of the tourists.

   It is from Isonnam Falls of Chonthaedong Valley of Habiro area which runs to Piro Peak, the highest one in Mt Myohyang, to the 12-tiered Falls.

   This 1 000m-long mountaineering route along the deep valley provides the sightseeing of more than 40 different beautiful scenic spots like spectacular Samhyongje Falls with crystal-clear water flowing in three columns and 12-tiered Falls which resembles silk sheets hanging down in 12 tiers.

   Newly built bridges blend well with surrounding environment and resting areas can accommodate several hundred climbers. 

   The new mountaineering route, from which climbers can hear the sounds of twittering birds, sentient water and swaying dense forest just like a piece of symphony, will give a special experience and great pleasure to the tourists who want to climb Mt Myohyang.

A Country with Four Distinctive Seasons

   In Korea a year is divided into four seasons, each having its unique natural character.

   Spring is usually from March to May, when all plants shoot and bloom. The beautiful scenery will give tourists joy of life and romantic feelings. Especially, the landscape of Pyongyang, capital of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, in April is just as beautiful as a picture.

   Summer is from June to August. It is not an easy opportunity for tourists to enjoy a good time swimming in such bathing resorts as Majon and Songdowon in the East and West seas in July and August. Crystal clear seawater which was kept away from pollution, sand beach that seems to stretch endlessly and pine groves that cast shadows and give off the pleasant smell of pine trees–this will remain an unforgettable memory forever. Autumn lasts from September to November. In this season when all kinds of fruits and crops are flourishing the most wonderful scenery is the red maple leaves at Mts Myohyang, Kumgang and Chilbo. So the tourists in this season are lucky to experience the sightseeing of the famous spots in Korea.

   Winter consists of the months from December to February. The snow falls in large flakes and turns everything into white. In particular, skiing in Masikryong Ski Resort and Yangdok County Hot Spring Resort will provide the tourists with the opportunities to experience the reality of the DPRK.

   “Have you ever been to the DPRK? If you have, in which season?”

   Just visit the country in any season.

   More visits will give better understanding of the country.

I Have Never Seen Such a Grand Performance Before

   German tourist Mueller Karl Peter, aged 70, watched the grand mass gymnastics and artistic performance The Land of the People at the May Day Stadium on beautiful Rungna Island on October 15, 2019. Filled with excitement, he said: “I have never seen such a grand performance before. It was surprising that so many people moved as if they were one. Their costumes were beautiful and the idea was brilliant. I was very much impressed. The background displayed by over 17 thousand students was not simply a background, but a dancing drama. It was so perfect that I was totally impressed.”

   On the other hand, other German tourists–Mueller Hans Artur, aged 67, Schultze–Haussmann Barbara Ilse, aged 74, and Boettcher Else Gerhild Karin, aged 63, also expressed their excitements.

   “This is the very first time for me to see such a performance and I was quite moved. When I go back home, I will tell the others about it.”

   “The performance by so many people was very impressive and I liked the costumes and properties.”

   “I have never imagined that I could see such a wonderful performance.”

   The performance is closed, but the deep feelings and the night on Rungna Island will remain long in the minds of tourists.

Grand Mass Gymnastics and Artistic Performance The Land of the People Closed

   The grand mass gymnastics and artistic performance The Land of the People, which premiered in June, was closed on October 15.

   As the first and foremost concern of the people over the last few months, the performance drew the dramatic attention of the audiences. During this period the May Day Stadium and its surrounding area on Rungna Island were always crowded with a huge number of people.

   “I have seen such a superb performance for the first time in my life,” “This masterpiece is a treasure of all human beings in the world,” and “I want to see it again.”–these are unanimous expressions of the audiences.

   The stadium was full of atmosphere of praise for the wonderful performance, and the audiences from home and abroad, unwilling to part from the performers, long waved their hands to them.

   Though the performance was closed, the miraculous, unimaginable and charming scenes of the performance would leave an unforgettable memory on the audiences.

It Was a Great Experience

   Khun Robert Jan, a 35-year-old German tourist, expressed his impressions of the grand mass gymnastics and artistic performance The Land of the People in this way:

   “It was a great experience for me to see this superb performance. On the stage the formidable soldiers and children were moving in a harmonious way, and actually I feel it an honour to have seen the performance and it was a happy time.”

   His wife Korzus Jasmin Julia, 34 years old, said:

   “In my opinion the children’s dancing skills are as good as those of professionals.”

Very Impressive Performance

   A Danish tourist, Knudsen Frederik Mosegaard, 23 years old, saw the grand mass gymnastics and artistic performance The Land of the People, held in the May Day Stadium on the picturesque Rungna Island on October 15, 2019, and said:

   “It was a really impressive performance. The stadium was perfect and I was impressed by the harmony of the movements of all the performers including the backdrop members. The scenes were combined to each other in a harmonious way without any letup, making a great ensemble of 90-minute performance. The fireworks and costumes were also impressive.”

Specialties of the Mt Paektu Area

   What makes the first impression on anyone among the specialties of the Mt Paektu area is starch noodle. The strips of the noodle are too tough to cut with the teeth so when having it, one should swallow all its strips from the beginning to the last. Its peculiar taste and smooth and tough strips leave a deep impression on its eaters and observers.

   There is a vast tract of blueberry fields in the Mt Paektu area. The Korean people have made liquor, sweet jelly and soft drinks with the fruit. During the tour of the Mt Paektu area it would be a golden opportunity for tourists to taste blueberry wine.

   Many different alpine plants including herbs and wild edible greens also grow in this area; Korean rhubarb is the rare plant among them and its root is the main ingredient in making famous Korean medicine, Ryongsinhwan. Astragalus, too, grows well in this area. The chicken stew with astragalus in its belly is known as the best tonic for recuperating strength, and tasting it is one of the unforgettable impressions for tourists.

   In the hotels and lodgings tourists will taste various side dishes made of wild edible greens including anise and leopard plant of local specialties. Their aroma and good taste will leave a special memory on them.

Distinctive Treatment Tour in Kangso Area

   According to a historical record on Kangso, it was more than 300 years ago that the mineral water was discovered for the first time in the Kangso area (today’s Yaksu-ri). Around 1896 a new spring was unearthed in Chongsan-ri where the Kangso Mineral Water Factory is located. 

   The subacid mineral water contains such health-friendly elements as calcium, sodium, magnesium, iron, silicic acid, chlorine, sulfuric acid ion and carbon dioxide. 

   It is highly efficacious in normalizing the secretion of gastric acid, promoting absorption and metabolism, and blood production and treating internal diseases especially stomach troubles.

   The pride of Korean nation is winning popularity among for its good taste, high quality and pharmacological functions foreign tourists as well as Korean people.

   Bathing treatment facilities have recently been built in Kangso Mineral Water Factory for the health promotion and preventive treatment, attracting the interest of the people.

   Tourism includes the visit to the Kangso Mineral Water Factory, bathing with fresh natural mineral water flowing from the foot of Mt Muhak, treatment exercises and visit to the historical sites such as Kangso Three Tombs and the mural tomb in Tokhung-ri which show the excellence of the Korean nation. 

Flourishing Sports Tourism

   Today a strong sports wind is sweeping the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

   Modern sports facilities have been built everywhere in the country including the capital city, Pyongyang. Large numbers of people are building up their physical strength through sports activities and domestic and international sports games are frequently held in a grand style amid great interest of sports fans.

   This year alone, Korea International Travel Company, Korea International Sports Travel Company and Korea International Taekwon-Do Travel Company arranged tour for sports amateurs from different countries; the sports tourism enjoying popularity among them.

   Foreign tourists conduct different sports events including marathon, volleyball, basketball, ski, hockey and swimming together with the Korean professional sportspeople and amateurs at modern sports facilities, exchanging techniques and satisfying their liking for sports.

   Visits to major cities including Pyongyang and scenic spots offer them various services.

   In the future, too, sports tour in Korea will continue to flourish; and the warm hospitality, kindly service and unique experience will leave lasting impression on the tourists.

I Am Pleased To Be in the DPRK

   Kural Orhan, a Turkish tourist, aged 69, who visited the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea from September 9 to 13, 2019, said to a journalist: “I am happy to be here from Turkey with my friends. I believe more groups are coming here. I am a professor and I have worked for 44 years at Istanbul University of Technology. Now I am working as a lecturer. My house is like a museum. I wrote 17 books on tourism and I will put Pyongyang in my book again.”

   Then he introduced the tourists of his group who came to Pyongyang with him and continued: “I am visiting the DPRK with my friends and we saw many changes. Everything is modern and people are nice. I couldn’t believe; so many changes took place for 19 years’ period. Of course there are some rumors by Americans; they say that people are dying of hunger, but they are all lies. People are leading a happy life and I am going to tell the Turkish people about that. Turkey is a country with a population of 80 million. People want to see new places so they should come. I don’t like luxury; I live very simple and I made my house as a museum. Life style here is perfectly like my style so I am always comfortable here and I am sure I will come again.”

   And he added: “I saw many shows in the US and Paris, but this is the best show. We are holding the same idea. The students, teachers and the workers–they were not professionals, but the show was perfect. It was unbelievable. It was excellent. It was first time I saw the show. We have visited many places in the DPRK for three days; the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun, the war museum, the schoolchildren’s palace and other places were all wonderful and impressive. We took many photographs and I am going to share them in my You Tube Channel. I will let the people know how nice this country is and how nice its people are. Women are wearing traditional dresses nicely; their national costumes are beautiful, they are smiling. Everything is very impressive. Instead of going to Paris, London and Rome I think people should come here and see the happy people.”

   He said he would do his best to develop tourism between the DPRK and Turkey and said as follows: “I have a TV shop and I am a famous person in Turkey. My TV shows every Saturday for about 20 years and there is also a radio program on tourism. I am going to write articles about you. I write articles to the newspapers and I have a You Tube Channel of about 60 000 people. I will use all of this. People are very curious about you, and they want to know about you, so I will try to promote you and I will try to let the Turkish people know about the truth about you.”

Steam Locomotive Tour Is to Be Held

   The Korea International Travel Company is going to organize a steam locomotive tour in mid-February Juche 109 (2020).
   The tour includes in its itinerary the tour from Kujang to Hyangsan, from Nampho to Cholgwang and from Chongjin to Kyongsong. Tourists would travel by bus to the starting places of the tour.
   During their stay in this country, they can visit Pyongyang, Kaesong, Mt Myohyang and other tourist attractions.
   For detailed information, please contact to FarRail in Germany.


Try Skiing in the DPRK

   The Korea International Travel Company is going to arrange skiing on Masik Pass in early March Juche 109 (2020) in cooperation with a British travel company and Swiss travel company.
   The skiers gliding along the slopes brought a great delight to the lookers, and this was praised as one of the most popular item of tour itinerary.
   Tourists will enjoy themselves, skiing on the beginners’, intermediate and experts’ slopes. And various kinds of service and warm hospitality afforded by the, Masikryong Hotel that smells of countryside will leave an indelible impression on them.
   Touring Pyongyang, Kaesong and Mt Myohyang is included in the itinerary. 
   For detailed information, please contact:
   British Travel Company 
   Add: 27 BeiSanlitun Nan, Chaoyang District, 100027, Beijing, China
   Tel: +86 10 6416 7544.
   E-mail: info@koryotours. com
   Swiss Travel Company
   E-mail: sarsh. gruenig@background. ch