The Glorious Country

Gorgeous Performance

   After enjoying the grand mass gymnastics and artistic performance The Glorious Country, Stula Stephan, a 36-year-old tourist from Germany, who came to Pyongyang to take part in the football amateur tourism held between September 25 and 29 this year, said in the following vein:
    “As for the mass game, it’s really unbelievable to see legions of performers. And the unity of their actions is wonderful. I can understand the large part of the performance. There are scenes dealing with the reunification of north and south Korea, and the audience have given a big hand, watching the scene of the two top leaders of Korea shaking hands with each other. Everyone is desirous of seeing one Korea. And it is so impressive that the children aged six to seven have made such perfect movements.”

The Grand Mass Gymnastics and Artistic Performance The Glorious Country Is To Be Closed

   The grand mass gymnastics and artistic performance The Glorious Country, which premiered at the May Day Stadium on the picturesque Rungna Island, will soon be closed after winding up its schedule of performance.
   Calling it a wonderful and graceful performance, masterpiece of masterpieces and the great of the greatest, those who saw it advise others to see it, a speciality of Korea.
   Saying it would be a matter of life-long regret if they fail to see it, people stream to Rungna Island well ahead of the opening hours of the performance as they feel a strong urge to see it.
   The day of close of the performance is approaching.

A Feat of Human Achievement

   Matt Kulesza, 32, took part in the 2018 Autumn Amateur Marathon held in Pyongyang.  
   Upon enjoying the grand mass gymnastics and artistic performance The Glorious Country at the May Day Stadium, the Australian tourist said:  
    “It is, without question, the most impressive performance I have not seen anywhere in the world and it is an impossible task to beat. There is no way that anyone could do something more impressive. The huge size of the stadium with that many people is truly remarkable. And I might be lucky to see the mass games two times and every time it is better and better. I can’t recommend it enough to everyone to say it is truly a feat of human achievement, absolutely.”
   The fantastic extravaganza is attracting an increasing number of audiences with each passing day. 

Masterpiece Reflecting the Truth

   The mass gymnastics and artistic performance The Glorious Country continues at the May Day Stadium in Pyongyang, drawing the audience into the world of fascinating art. 
   The centrepiece being the backdrop composed of 17 000 performers, the audience are captivated by the display of the letters “The Glorious Country” portrayed around the torch fire at the top. The performance starts off amid enthusiastic cheers from the auditorium. 
   The extravaganza touches the audience’s heartstrings through a good harmony of dance, distinctive gymnastics and mysterious techniques of artistic depiction. Cell phones and cameras taking snaps here and there, the performers wave back to the cheering crowd including foreign tourists. 
   When the performance reaches its climax, the children run out in the direction of the platform and the whole stadium seems to be vibrating during the act International Friendship. Though varying in nationality, language and skin colour, the people are all mingling in one big mass. 
   An Australian tourist, said to a journalist: It is beyond the expression of words. Such incredible performance cannot be seen elsewhere. I think it is a source of pride for the Korean people and the culmination of their glorious history. No other country in the world can create such a beautiful thing. All the elements of this masterpiece, including the stage settings, depict only the truth.

Fantastic Masterpiece

   The grand mass gymnastics and artistic performance The Glorious Country, which was premiered on September 9 to mark the 70th anniversary of the DPRK, draws a legion of audiences. 
   Almost every day, in and around the May Day Stadium in Pyongyang, there is an endless stream of people coming all the way to enjoy the extravaganza.  
   At the venue for the performance, which sits on the bank of the picturesque Taedong River, you can also see foreign tourists. 
   Upon enjoying the inaugural performance, some foreigners said in the following vein.  
   A tourist from Singapore: I have heard that the grand mass gymnastics and artistic performance Arirang was registered in the Guinness Book of World Records. Here I have seen this performance with my own eyes, finding it a wonderful masterpiece. I want to see it again. I will come again next time. 
   A tourist from the UK: I am pleased to see the marvellous performance in the beautiful May Day Stadium in Pyongyang. Everything is fresh and unique. Particularly, the backdrop has caught my eyes all along. It is unbelievable that 17 000 people are sitting together there. It is just like a machine. Such a scene cannot be found elsewhere. I will cherish this memory all my life. 
   A tourist from Estonia: I have heard a lot about such mass gymnastics of the DPRK. This time I have had firsthand experience of it and it is really impressive. Through this performance the might of this country has been demonstrated once again. Such acts as Reunified 3 000-ri Land and International Friendship are very exceptional. 
   The performance goes on, receiving an increasing number of applications from at home and abroad.