Memorable Celebration

   It was New Year’s Eve in Pyongyang. 

   A giant clock chimed in Kim Il Sung Square, counting down to the beginning of another year.

   “9, 8, 7…”

   These numbers were displayed in the sky over the capital city, heralding the dawn of the year 2019. 

   “3, 2, 1, 0”

   The hope-filled year started, the square resounding with singing, dancing and happy laughter. Fireworks were set off, which came in all shapes and colours. 

   Indeed, it was the acme of splendour and gorgeousness. 

   An artistic performance in celebration of New Year’s Day began, giving a truthful portrayal of the Korean people’s new hope and wishes. 

   A British tourist, attending the celebration, said:

   I have never imagined that New Year’s Day in Pyongyang could be such a pleasant memory. The ice sculptures and the celebratory performance were spectacular and impressive. Looking up at the marvelous fireworks in the sky, I raised loud cheers and the artistes staged a really wonderful performance. Greeting the dawn of the new year in Pyongyang, I was convinced that the Koreans would grow prosperous. 

Trolley Bus Tour Service

   The Korea International Travel Company provides a tour of Pyongyang by means of tram, trolley bus and subway.

   On December 30, 2018, foreign tourists took a trolley bus of the 1960s vintage manufactured by the Korean people themselves and looked round the main streets of Pyongyang, including Sungni and Kaeson, on which many monumental architectural structures stand. 

   Suopanki Lakso Miria Elina Annikki from Sweden, aged 30, said:

   I have never dreamt of having a trolley bus tour during my visit to the DPRK. While passing through clean and beautiful streets of Pyongyang on board a trolley bus, I saw people full of happiness and monumental edifices. I have never seen or took such a trolley bus of old vintage. I feel happy for touring Pyongyang on such a trolley bus.

   During their stay, the tourists saw the Pyongyang Ice Sculpture Festival-2019 and a prom on celebration of the New Year 2019 held in  Kim Il Sung Square, seeing in the new year with admiration and pleasure, and visited tourist destinations in local areas like Nampho and Kaesong.

First-ever Prom on the New Year’s Eve

   Seeing out 2018 with excitement, the Korean people have seen in the new year 2019 full of hope.

   In celebration of the new year, a prom was held at Kim Il Sung Square.

   The square was overcrowded with people who came to see the prom. Conspicuous was the characteristic decoration.

   At 2330 hours local time the prom began.

   With the steam of breath of tens of thousands of people forming varicoloured clouds by illuminations, the square turned into a fantastic scene.

   Fireworks in the form of numbers were set off as a countdown and at 0000 hours a bell tolled signaling the start of the new year. Again mysteriously-shaped fireworks were set off, drawing cheers.

   Drones depicted letters like Happy New Year and 2019, bringing the atmosphere to a cresendo.

   Seen in the square were people waving their hands, elderly people dancing on the stage to the traditional rhythm and foreigners clapping their hands.

   The prom reached its climax with the performance by the Moranbong Band. The songs sung by the people together with the artistes of the band reflected the Korean people’s confidence in a brighter future.

   Even after the prom was over, the atmosphere in the square was still warm with people not leaving place as they looked back upon the previous year 2018 and pictured a beautiful tomorrow.

Pyongyang Ice Sculpture Festival 2019 Held

   Greeting the new year 2019, the Pyongyang Ice Sculpture Festival-2019 was held at Kim Il Sung Square from December 31, Juche 107 (2018) to January 2, Juche 108 (2019).

   Exhibited were more than 70 ice sculptures of various themes.

   The venue was a sea of crowds filled with joy and optimism; children were feeling with their hands the sculptures floodlighted by varicoloured illuminations.

   Particularly impressive was the scene of foreign tourists posing for photograph with Koreans with the sculptures as a background.

   The festival left a beautiful memory on the visitors.