Pyongyang Koryo Hotel

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  It is 45-storied twin building. It stands about 200 metres to the left of Pyongyang Railway Station.

   It can accommodate over 1 000 guests. The atrium and all the rooms have been elegantly and gracefully furnished, and service facilities are on a high level. On the top of the two buildings are revolving restaurants, where you can enjoy the bird’s-eye view of the city centre while having meals. In the foyer, there is a tea shop, which serves popular black beer. On the basement and the second floor are various service facilities, restaurants serving traditional Korean food such as Pyongyang cold noodle and sinsollo and hairy crab and other national foods and a souvenir shop.

   Near the hotel there is Changgwang Restaurant Street, which serve Korean, Chinese and Western dishes.

   Rooms: 500 (VIP: 5, suite: 49, deluxe: 222, standard: 224)

Yanggakdo International Hotel

   The Yanggakdo Hotel, standing like a ship’s mast on Yanggak Island of the Taedong meandering through the centre of Pyongyang, adds to the scenic beauty of the capital city of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

   Inaugurated on July 2, Juche 84 (1995), the 47-storey hotel is 170m high, and its floor space is 87 870 sq m. It has more than 1 000 rooms including 10 super deluxe suites, 23 deluxe suites, 90 premium rooms, and 870 standard rooms and can accommodate 2 000 guests.

   International telecommunications and foreign TV channels are available in the bedrooms. 

   There are service facilities on the basement and on the first and second floors, and there are tea house, international telecommunication booth, fine art shop, gifts shop and restaurant around the nicely decorated lounge.

   The banquet hall, Korean restaurant, Western restaurant, Chinese restaurant and buffet capable of accommodating 850 persons serve Korean and foreign delicacies.

   The tea house serves the Unjong tea and Kaesong Koryo Insam tea; beer brewed with quality hop cultivated in Ryanggang Province is popular for its cool and unique taste. 

   The fine art shop sells paintings and Koryo celadons created by the famous local artists. 

   The most popular place is the revolving restaurant on the 47th floor, which makes one feel as if sailing across the sea in a liner.  

   During the one hour and 30 minutes for the restaurant to revolve once, one can take dishes, enjoying the beautiful scene of the city of Pyongyang, including Mirae Scientists Street.  

   The hotel is renowned for its good service, beautiful scenery and fresh air. 

   The hotel always welcomes the guests with its kindly service. 

   Tel: 850-2-381-2134

Pothonggang Hotel

   Situated on the bank of the Pothong in Pyongyang, the Pothonggang Hotel was inaugurated in Juche 62 (1973).

   With a total floor space of 28 000 sq m, the 9-storeyed hotel draws people for its high-quality service and delicious cuisine. 

   From the third to the ninth floor, there are over 150 rooms including 4 super deluxe suites, 10 deluxe suites, 55 premium rooms, and 87 standard rooms.

   On the left side of the first floor hall are a gifts shop, bookstore and a shop.

   Other welfare facilities include the Korean restaurant, barber’s, beauty parlour, massage parlour, facial and fitness rooms.

   On the second floor are a 180-seat banquet hall, several dining rooms, meeting room, karaoke hall, billiard room and simulation golf course.

   The banquet hall serves various foreign delicacies. In the Choljjuk Restaurant, decorated in the Korean style, guests can enjoy famous Korean dishes while sitting on the traditional ondol (underfloor heated) floor.

   The Mindulle and Manbyongcho restaurants serve elegant and characteristic Korean and foreign dishes.

   The Mokran Restaurant, which commands a view of the surroundings, serves Western and other dishes in the main.

   The Unhasu Soft Drink Stand serves a variety of soft drinks including cocktails of 30 kinds.

   In the outdoor garden, guests can see fishes swimming in a pond and taste dishes prepared with live fish and barbecue. There is also a tennis court.

   It is also very pleasant to take a stroll in the morning and in the evening along the bank of the Pothong, enjoying fresh air.

   Tel: 850-2-381-2228

Sosan Hotel

   Sosan Hotel is situated in the Sports Village on Chongchun Street near the Taedong that meanders through Pyongyang, the capital of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

   In complete harmony with the picturesque forest, its unique architectural style suggestive of a triangular pillar on a tripod gives an elegant and exciting feeling.

   Inaugurated on May 1, Juche 78 (1989) and renovated in October Juche 104 (2015), it has a total floor space of over 52 000 sq m.

   With a large entrance hall in the centre, the 30-storeyed hotel has several restaurants, a banquet hall, wading pool, fitness room, various public amenities, gifts counter and meeting room.

   The restaurant on the 1st floor serves the famous Korean-style barbecue and fish roasted in silver foil.

   The banquet hall on the 3rd floor serves buffet in the main.

   The 497 rooms (10 deluxe suites, 94 premium rooms and 393 standard rooms) offer such services as international call, satellite TV and Internet access.

   The deluxe rooms are very convenient for individuals or families as they have a bedroom, a drawing room, a kitchen, a dining room and two water closets.

   In front of the hotel there is a park, on the right an angling area and on the left a golf training course.

   The most attractive place is the angling area of 1 500 sq m, which is open to public 24 hours a day; here the customers can have a taste of dishes of sturgeon, Ryongjong fish, carp, snake-headed fish and other fishes they have caught with an angle.

   The beautiful night view of the hotel also arouses romantic emotions.

   Tel: 850-2-18111-341-6212


Chongnyon Hotel

   Chongnyon Hotel, inaugurated in Juche 78 (1989), is situated on the crossroads of Kwangbok Street and Chongchun Street. 

   The 30-storeyed hotel that blends well with the beautiful natural surroundings has the architectural style of strong contrast of line and surface organically combining straight line and trajectory, and vertical plane and curved surface. 

   The plottage of the hotel is 40 000 sq m, and its total floor space 60 000 sq m. The hotel has more than 400 rooms capable of accommodating 800 guests, including deluxe suites, premium rooms, standard rooms, family rooms and three-person rooms.

   On the first floor are outdoor and indoor wading pools, a billiard room, a shop and other amenities around a round hall, and on the third floor are banquet hall, big and small dining rooms, bookshop, gifts shop, karaoke room, table-tennis room and other service facilities. 

   The outdoor and indoor wading pools on the first floor are frequently visited by the guests.

   The outdoor wading pool, which goes well with the surroundings, gives the impression of being in a beautiful garden.  

   Yellow earth sauna is very popular for its efficacy in treating hypertension and fatigue.

   The banquet hall, capable of accommodating 200 guests at a time, also serves buffet, and the Chongnim and Myohyangsan restaurants serve the Korean and world delicacies. 

   The fitness room with more than 20 kinds of sporting equipment, beauty parlor and barber’s welcome the guests.  

   The Chongnyon Hotel leaves a deep impression on the guests with its kindly and wonderful service.  

   Tel: 850-2-341-3564

Changgwangsan Hotel

   Inaugurated on October 10, Juche 64 (1975), the Changgwangsan Hotel is situated in the centre of Chollima Street in Pyongyang.

   With a total floor space of over 48 600 sq m, the 18-storeyed twin-tower building, together with the Ice Rink and Pyongyang Indoor Stadium, adds to the beauty of Chollima Street.

   The hotel, with over 300 bedrooms including 10 deluxe suites, 60 premium rooms and 230 standard rooms, meeting rooms and lounges, can accommodate 700 guests.

   The cosy rooms offer satellite TV access as well as international call service.

   On the first floor is a Korean restaurant, Changgwangsan Restaurant, a tea house and a shop. The Korean restaurant serves traditional Korean dishes and the barbecue restaurant offers Korean-style barbecue.

   On the second floor are a 200-seat banquet hall, dining room, fitness room, wading pool, bookstore and other service facilities.

   The tea house is the most sought-after place, where guests can relax themselves drinking various kinds of famous Korean teas, coffee and soft drinks.

   They also frequent the fitness room furnished with various kinds of fitness equipment and a tennis court in the courtyard.

   Tel: 00850-2-341-233

Haebangsan Hotel

   The Haebangsan Hotel situated in the hub of traffic of Pyongyang, was inaugurated in April Juche 37 (1948). 

   The total floor space of the hotel, which is situated beside the Taedong, is more than 16 000 sq m.

   The hotel has over 130 rooms (one deluxe suite, 26 premium rooms and 104 standard rooms), banquet hall, dining rooms, karaoke hall, tea house, shop and billiard room.  

   The guest rooms have bedroom, drawing room and bathroom according to their classes.

   The banquet hall capable of accommodating 130 persons at a time serves such Korean traditional dishes as Taedong River mullet soup, casserole, Pyongyang onban and delicacies of other countries like France and Italy.

   And there are a gifts shop selling Kaesong Koryo insam products, Korean traditional costumes and folkcraft goods, and a bookstore.

   The hotel with cosy and stable feeling and friendly and sincere service of its staff gives the guests the impression of being at home.

   Though not large, it has the longest history among the hotels in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and is frequented by the guests. 

   Tel: 0085-02-18111-381-6214

Pyongyang Hotel

   The Pyongyang Hotel, situated on the picturesque Taedong River, opened in August Juche 50 (1961).

   It has 190 rooms (5 deluxe suites, 48 premium rooms, 116 standard rooms and 21 other rooms), banquet hall, restaurants, sports and recreation facilities and public amenities.

   With a total floor space of over 25 000 sq m, it provides detailed and prompt service to the guests according to their personalities, hobbies, sentiments and appetites.

   The banquet hall on the second floor, whose main course is buffet, also serves nutritious dishes of artistic beauty and of unique colour and taste.

   The cooks, who prepare Korean traditional dishes such as glutinous-rice cake and mung-bean pancake on the spot, leave impression on the guests.

   Cocktail service also draws their attention.

   On the first floor is the Pirobong Restaurant, which serves famous Eastern and Western foods, and on top is a restaurant where one can have a taste of various drinks and dishes including those prepared with live fish, enjoying the surrounding scenery.

   On the right side of the hotel is the well-known Arirang Restaurant, unique in its inner structure and strong in national identity, which serves famous national dishes such as cold noodles, barbeque and kimchi.

   The guests will spend pleasant days while enjoying the beautiful scenery of Pyongyang and kindly service of the hotel staff.

   Tel: 00850-2-381-2365

Moranbong Hotel

   Inaugurated in July Juche 91 (2002), the Moranbong Hotel is situated on Moran Hill, one of the scenic spots in Pyongyang.

   With a total floor space of 5 500 sq m, it consists of a main building and auxiliary ones, which include the Moranbong Restaurant, public amenities, outdoor restaurant and barbecue restaurant.

   The main building has 9 rooms (1 deluxe suite, 8 standard rooms), a round restaurant, a tea house and a shop. The rooms offer international call service and satellite TV access, and the round restaurant on the first floor, the main dining area, offers more than 120 dishes, mainly Korean and other eastern and western ones.

   The Moranbong Restaurant on the right side of the hotel has a banquet hall with more than 100 seats and a dining room with karaoke.

   Opposite the hotel is an outdoor restaurant that serves barbecue and various fish dishes such as sashimi and steamed fish. Guests frequent the barbecue restaurant at the breast of the hill to taste the marvellous barbecue.

   The two-storeyed public amenity building has a sauna with health-friendly far infrared rays, massage parlour and a facial room. After enjoying themselves in these facilities, guests can take various kinds of dishes at the dining room within hailing distance of the Arch of Triumph.

   The hotel, nestled in the forest of beautiful Moran Hill, welcomes the guests.

   Tel: 850-2-341-2153, 2152

Changgwang Foreigners’ Lodging House

   Inaugurated in June Juche 73 (1984), the 25-storeyed Changgwang Foreigners’ Lodging House is located about 200 metres away from the Pyongyang Railway Station and near to the Pyongyang Koryo Hotel.

   It has a total floor space of 15 300 sq m on an area of 2 300 sq m. It has 94 rooms including 3 deluxe suites, 12 premium rooms and 79 standard rooms and can accommodate over 320 guests a day.

   It consists of two blocks. As some rooms are furnished with kitchen utensils, they can be rented for offices. It has such public amenities as barber’s, hairdresser’s, beauty, facial and massage parlours, sauna and swimming pool. It has restaurants, shops, tea house and other service facilities. 

   The bathhouse, in particular, has bath tubs infused with health-promoting medicinal materials including hemp. After taking a bath, guests relieve fatigue in the lounge while enjoying various services.

   The restaurants serve dishes of different countries as well as Korean traditional dishes. The dishes are favoured by the guests because they taste and look good.

   During their stay, the guests will enjoy the scenery of Pyongyang and experience kindly service.

Rangnang Hotel

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   Inaugurated in April Juche 98 (2009), the Rangnang Hotel faces the Sci-tech Complex across the Taedong, which meanders through Pyongyang.

   With a total floor space of about 4 400 sq m on an area of over 11 750 sq m, the hotel has over 40 rooms including 3 deluxe suites, 6 premium rooms and over 30 standard rooms that provide a bird’s-eye view of the Taedong, and can accommodate 80 guests at a time.

   It has a 50-seat banquet hall, restaurants, fitness room, table-tennis room and meeting rooms.

   Barbequing in the open-air dining area, a wooden building which is national in form and representative of a boat and angling while enjoying the view of Pyongyang leave a deep impression on the guests.

   The beautiful scenery of the Taedong, fresh and clean air and kindly service always give the guests a pleasant feeling.

   Tel: 850-2-381-2368, 2366, 2377

   Fax: 850-2-381-4020