Mountain marathon tour

   Mountains cover about 80% of the territory.

   The country has many world-renowned mountains including Mt. Paektu and Mt. Kumgang.

   Among them, the highest mountain of the country Mt. Paektu, 2 750m high is called the prime, as it is associated with the immortal anti-Japanese revolutionary history of President Kim Il Sung and offers solemn and splendid views.

   In such mountain the first marathon tour organized by KITC was done by world mountain marathon fans in August Juche 104 (2015).

   Tourists from various countries including UK, Ireland and France ran 21km section starting at Hyongje Falls of the mountain.

   Running along the section they enjoyed the fantastic views such as the gorgeous forests, the alpine flowers, clear waterfalls, howling of animals, chirping of birds and mysterious natural phenomena.

   Tourists spent 10 nights including the marathon at Mt. Paektu, touring in Pyongyang, Kaesong, Nampho and Mt. Myohyang.

   According to the words of the KITC managers varieties of itineraries for the mountain marathon fans in other renowned mountains and resorts as well as in Mt. Paektu will be organized.

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