Taekwondo tour

   Taekwondo tour, an experience of Taekwondo in the home of Taekwondo

   Today, Taekwondo, a traditional martial art of Korea is holding its dignified position in the world, out of its inherent superiority. Therefore, an increasing number of people in the world are eager to learn after this.

   The Korea International Taekwondo Travel Company arranges tours for the Taekwondo fans in every part of the world.

   It is so interesting to learn and practice Taekwondo, a reflection of national wisdom and spirit of the Korean nation, just in the homeland of Taekwondo.

   During this time, they learn Taekwondo from the Korean masters with high degrees at such wonderful establishments as the Taekwondo Sanctuary and Taekwondo Palace.

   After a training course, they are presented the certificates of training, which are made in the name of the Korea Taekwondo Committee.

   The itinerary of Taekwondo tour includes the visits to the major cities of the country including Pyongyang and Kaesong and trekking to scenic spots like Mts. Paektu, Myohyang and Kumgang.

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