Mountaineering tours

   Unique mountaineering tours in Mt. Kumgang and Mt. Myohyang

   The KITC is organizing a new mountaineering tour in world-famous Mts. Kumgang and Myohyang.

   Mt. Kumgang fits well with such beauties as mountain, valley, plateau, lake and seaside. Having them all, this is not simply considered as an attraction but also a miniature of all beauties of nature. Mt. Kumgang where there are 12 000 high and low peaks, pride themselves on over 100 famous peaks at an altitude more than 1 000m including Piro Peak (1 639m), Kwanum Chain Peaks, Chail Peak, Jipson Peak and Sejon Peak. .

   Mt. Myohyang with its splendid peaks, valleys and waterfalls is one of the six celebrated mountains in Korea. Trekking routes extend in the mountain, Sangwon Valley and Manphok Valley with their matchless beauties.  Through the diversified itineraries, the climbers would appreciate the fantastic views and meet their favorites of mountaineering.

   In the past the fans spent overnight in the hotel after a day climbing and restarted climbing next day. But now the itinerary offers them to knapsack for camping-out with tents. This is causing a great popularity among the tourists.

   Recently, many fans from Germany, UK, Norway, Belgium and other European countries have enjoyed tours climbing up Mts. Kumgang and Myohyang.

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