Sports tours

   Multifarious sports tours

   DPR Korea is in a blast of sports.

   A number of sports establishments were erected in various parts where the people of all strata are engaged in different sports activities everyday to build up their bodies. Domestic and international sports events are held under the great attention of the sports fans.

   Of late, sportsmen and women have been achieving great successes in many international sports events thereby giving pleasures to the people inviting the focus of the world sports circle.

   In this hot wind of sports, the KITC is organizing colorful sports tours for the fans from different countries thus to enjoy a good reputation from the tourists.

   Tourists can either exchange sports techniques with the professional players and fans in the country or appreciate their own sports favorites through different sports events and joint training in modern sports establishments. Included events are marathon, football, volleyball, basketball, badminton, ice-hockey, skiing, skating and surfing.

   Besides, they can enjoy their time through varieties of services while visiting Pyongyang and other major cities, and scenic spots.

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