Train tours

   Train tours to experience the country along the railway

   The KITC is enjoying a good reputation from the tourists by organizing the interesting train tours.

   In the country the railway is one of the major transportations linking every part of the country from the big cities to the remote areas.

   Tourists can travel along the several routes linking major cities like Pyongyang, Wonsan, Hamhung and Chongjin to scenic spots like Mt. Myohyang. Through the tours they can feast their eyes on the breathtaking views and feel the living profiles of the Korean people. They can see the landscape of the inland area along the Pyongyang-Wonsan route and appreciate the unrivaled seascape as well as the magnificent sunrise over the clear and blue East Sea.

   Sometimes, they spend overnight on the train, but the lodging service dosen`t cause any inconvenience to the tourists.

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