Surfing tour

   Surfing on the East Sea of Korea

   At the end of July 2014 tourists from various countries were engaged in first surfing tour on the picturesque shores of Majon and Lake Sijung of the East Sea of Korea.

   As July and August are the sea bathing season, the sea is not rough. But the sea sometimes runs high in some districts, thus giving favourable conditions for surfing. At that time the waves are normally 1.5 to 3m high, suitable for the fans at low surfing level.

   October and November invite the fans at high surfing level to the East Sea of Korea. But the water is cold.

   The water is ecologically so clean that it is favoured by the fans. Moreover, the crowded local swimmers at the bathing resorts leave an unforgettable impression.

   The present itinerary includes visits to major tourist resorts including Pyongyang, Mt. Myohyang and Kaesong except one-week surfing.

   The KITC surfing tour organizers expect the arrivals of foreign surfing fans would be increasing.

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