Architectural tours

   Architectural tours, an exposure to marvelous construction technique

   The DPR Korea is a country where great monumental edifices of world praise can be found.

   Especially, Pyongyang has been changing with monumental edifices with a unique combination of national forms and modern esthetic sense.

   The KITC is organizing architectural tours for the fans from different countries.

   The fans can get an idea of the development history of architecture of modern Korea and its uniqueness through the in-depth visits to the grand monumental edifices and beautiful, spectacular streets in Pyongyang, all of which were built up in different years, including the Tower of the Juche Idea, the Arch of Triumph, Monument to Party Founding, Chollima Statue, Grand People’s Study House, People’s Palace of Culture, Pyongyang Grand Theatre, Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum and Pyongyang Metro.

   Tourists can also deepen their understanding of the peculiarities of traditional architecture of the Korean nation visiting many historical buildings which depict the long history of Korea.

   The fans can visit the Paektusan Architecture Research Centre, one of the centerpieces of architecture design in Korea, to conduct various exchanges in the field of architecture together with the well-known Korean architects.

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