Korean-Learning Tour in Pyongyang

   The Korean-learning tour ran between July 14 and August 11, Juche 107 (2018) in Pyongyang.
   Last year Kim Hyong Jik University of Education was a venue for this peculiar tour. This year Kim Chol Ju University of Education and Pyongyang Tourism University were added to the list.
   Tourists from many countries including the UK, Italy, Sweden, France and China applied themselves to learning Korean, even though varying in occupation, age and linguistic ability.
   Their Korean improved so much in a short period, with the help of kind, competent teachers. All said they were happy and satisfied.
   To help them widen their horizons, they were guided around such tourist destinations and scenic spots as Kaesong, Nampho and Mt Myohyang, in addition to Pyongyang.
   Special arrangements for them included working in cooperative farms, cycling in Pyongyang, cooking Korean dishes, mingling with university teachers and students. 
   Pyongyang welcomes foreigners for this memorable tour.

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