It is a tourist region around Mt. Kuwol which is located in the mid-western part of Korea. Mt. Kuwol is one of the six famous mountains in Korea. The mountains tinted in autumnal colors in September are particularly beautiful, hence the name. It covers a total area of 110 square kilometers.

   Mt. Kuwol turned into a pleasure ground for people and a tourist resort thanks to the devoted struggle of the soldiers of the Korean People’s Army. It has sightseeing roads for stretching over 100 kilometers, tens of pavilions and mountaineering routes.

   Mt. Kuwol tourist region has not only scenic wonders but many historical sites including Kuwolsan Fort, Samsong Temple, Woljong Temple and Tomb No. 3 in Anak County.

   As it is near Pyongyang, many people visit here for mountaineering, sightseeing and sea bathing.

   It is about 100 kilometers from Pyongyang to Mt. Kuwol. It is convenient to travel there by road via Nampho and West Sea Barrage.

Tourist attractions