It is a tourist region around Mt. Myohyang. Mt. Myohyang in the northwestern part of Korea is one of the six noted mountains in the country. It is 128 km in circumference and has an area of 375 square kilometers.

   Mt. Myohyang is said to have been so called because of its curious shape and the fragrance floating about it.

   It was also called Sosan because it is the highest and the most beautiful mountain in the western part of the country.

   There are chains of peaks and rocks with strange formations, mountain ridges and crystal-clear waterfalls.

   It is a home for over 1 120 species of plants, over 40 species of mammals and over 120 species of birds.

   Mt. Myohyang is also famous for its numerous historical relics and remains which show the excellent architectural skills and brilliant culture of the Korean people, including the 1 000-year-long Pohyon Temple.

   There is no strong wind, and temperature is mild. The average annual temperature is 8.3℃ and the average annual precipitation is 1 342㎜.

   It is 150㎞ from Pyongyang to Mt.Myohyang.You can visit Mt. Myohyang by bus or by car along the Pyongyang-Hyangsan tourist road.

Tourist attractions

Archives for the 80 000 Blocks of the Complete Collection of Buddhist Scriptures

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   It preserves the 80 000 Blocks of the Complete Collection of Buddhist Scriptures, a valuable treasure showing the high level of the printing technique of the Korean people in the Middle Ages.

   The collection is Buddhist scriptures printed with 80 000 wooden blocks in 16 years between 1236 and 1251. It embraces 1 539 kinds of Buddhist books and its letters are clear with the wooden types delicately cut.

   Displayed there are the wooden-block version of the Buddhist scriptures, Buddhist images, handicrafts and fine art pieces discovered in Mt. Myohyang.