Situated in the mid-western part of Korea, 160 km south of Pyongyang, it is a beautiful city with a long history. It was the old capital of Koryo (918-1392), the first unified state of Korea, for nearly 500 years. The town is on the Military Demarcation Line which divides the Korean peninsula into two parts, drawn by foreign forces.

   It is also home to Koryo Insam, a world-famous medicinal herb.

   The area of Kaesong is a singular tourist destination. In the area there are Panmunjom and concrete wall as well as many places of historical interest and scenic spots. Visits to them will offer a glimpse of the time-honoured history and developed culture of Korea and the tragedy of the divided Korean nation.

   In Juche 102 (2013), 12 historical relics and remains in Kaesong were registered as the World Heritage Sites.

   You can visit Kaesong by train or by car and it is better to travel along the Pyongyang-Kaesong highway. Halfway between Pyongyang and Kaesong there is Sugok Tea House for travellers and a few tunnels further on, you can see fossil footprints of a dinosaur 180 million years ago.

Tourist attractions

Koryo Museum

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   It is situated 2 km northeast of central Kaesong.

   It was an institution of higher education (similar to a university of today) for training feudal officials in the periods of Koryo dynasty and feudal Joson dynasty. Originally, it was built as a detached palace of Koryo named Taemyong Palace in the early 11th century. Afterwards, it was used as Sunchongwan (a hotel for foreign envoys) and Sungmungwan (Confucian educational organ). After Kukjagam (established in 992), the predecessor to Songgyungwan, moved here, it was renamed Songgyungwan in 1308.

   Now it houses Koryo Museum and displays and preserves lots of historical relics and remains showing the Koryo history. It comprises 12 main buildings and 6 auxiliary buildings occupying a total area of 20 000 square meters. There grow a ginkgo tree and a zelkova tree, 1 000 years old, under preservation as living monuments of the country. 

   Northwest of the old building of Songgyungwan stands a building of Koryo Songgyungwan University in the Korean style.