It is the seat of North Phyongan Province and a border town. Lying in the lower reaches of the Amnok northwest of Korea, it is linked with Dandong, China by the Korea-China Friendship Bridge.

   In the city stand the statues of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il.

   Sinuiju is about 230 km from Pyongyang.

   Covering an area of about 180 square kilometers, it is an important gateway for tourist entry and exit.

   In the city there are factories for the machine-building industry, chemical industry and light industry and many facilities of science, education and culture.

Tourist attractions

Sinuiju Cosmetics Factory

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   The Sinuiju Cosmetics Factory was established in September Juche 38 (1949) in Sinuiju, North Phyongan Province.

   The factory produces various kinds of cosmetics like soap, cream, hair oil, perfume and so on.

   All the production lines, from feeding raw materials to packaging, are automated.

   The factory set up the Pomhyanggi Cosmetics Exhibition Hall, filled with hundreds of kinds of its products.

   The hall is also furnished with a face skin analysis room, beauty parlour and optical facial room, where service workers give facial care with various kinds of functional cosmetics and instruments.

   The products, which the factory have recently developed, are popular at home and abroad.